Neil Brooks

I live and work in Southern California, painting and drawing subjects and shorescapes along the Southern California coast.

 I do my initial drawings, watercolors, or oils on site – usually doing them with no eye toward a finished painting.
Then I go back thru pencil/charcoal/paint sketches to work at tentative ideas on large canvas stretched on studio wall,
trying to mix and match sketches till I hit on something that I will do rough. I try to hold off on a “finished” painting as long
as possible while sketching in rough ideas and laying on color – so there are broad areas to make changes –
not painting myself into a corner so to speak.
At that point I usually go back on site to look at places where I did the initial drawings,
trying to get the studio painting and on site reactions to work together.
I do smaller finished paintings on site sometimes, but lately prefer to work in the studio most of the time for finishing work.